Saturday, June 9, 2012

I miss my Abigail

I am so sad.  My little Abigail passed away on Thursday.  She was approximately 15 1/2 years old.  It was so sudden.  I just had her in to the vet earlier in the day.  She was diagnosed with doggy Alzheimer's and arthritis, but everything else came back great.  Her heart, lungs, eyes & blood work were great.  I was lucky to be home with her when it happened.  I love you so much Gail, mommy misses you.

She was such an awesome dog.  We got her when she was just a little puppy.  She was a rescue.  Her previous owner abused her.  She was an evil little butthead, but grew into be a lover and a hugger.  She always sat next to me while I crafted and wouldn't move.  I always had to step over her and work around her :0)  She also talked a lot and sounded like a Wookie.  Heaven got a beautiful girl.

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  1. Aw she was adorable, just beautiful. I know you are hurting but you'll always have your wonderful memories of her to comfort you and before long you'll be able to remember her and smile.
    BIG {{{{Hugs}}}